Dr. Andrew Nasseri, MD, FACS | ​Dr. Andrew Nasseri, MD, FACS | SAIFI Wroclaw Hair Transplant Center

Dr. Andrew Nasseri, MD, FACS

Dr. Andrew Nasseri, MD, FACS, was our latest trainee in hair restoration surgery, here at SAIFI Hair Transplant AM-MED, in Wroclaw, Poland. During his 2 weeks of training. Dr. Nasseri, demonstrated excellent surgical skills and great ability to learn both techniques FUT and FUE and most of all he showed a great passion to learn the art of performing this highly-specialized procedure.

Dr. Andrew's background as a general and cardiothoracic surgeon, practicing for many years in California, USA, will definitely be a big support for him to start successfully in this new field of surgery, and I'm sure that he will be an excellent hair transplant surgeon.


Diplomate, American Board of Surgery
Diplomate, American Board of Thoracic Surgery
Cardiothoracic Surgeon
General Surgeon

Me and my team at SAIFI Hair Transplant, would like to wish him a great start and wonderful and prosperous career.

 Dr. Andrew Nasseri, MD, FACS