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Hi all
I am new to this site but I wanted to tell you about a great journey I have just come back from. I am a female and I have just had an eyebrow transplant. About 330 each brow. Like lots of ladies I got too handy with the tweezers in My youth and plucked away endlessly. It has destroyed my self confidence for the last 10 years and I always hid behind a fringe not wanting anyone to look at me too closely, but thanks to other peoples positive feedback regarding Doctor Marwan Saifi hair transplant specialist I can now put that behind me. I was lucky enough to get it right first time by listening to what other people had to say [all men] anyway I read plenty of good feedback about Doctor marwan saifi in poland [wroclaw] and others. Before making my decision to choose Doctor Saifi I was in constant email correspondance with him he answered all of my emails and concerns immediatly. He never tried to persuade me or pressure me into choosing him. I went by what you guys had to say. He and his team put me at great ease and made me feel very welcome I knew I was in safe hands. I had one to one treatment and attention with no interuptions except for lunch. It was my day, 21st march 2011 and that time was put aside for me. Doctor Saifi and his team spoke very good english. There was no lack of understanding at any point. On my arrival to poland I was collected from the airport and taken to my hotel by a nice taxi driver named Chris who was friendly and spoke good english. I was a little afraid of what was going to happen but I really wanted this. I made that choice and I am so happy that I did. If you are looking for a good surgeon I will very happily recommend Doctor Marwan Saifi and his team as your surgeon. He has changed my life and though I may be a little bruised right now, I cant wait for the resuts in 4/6 months. I did not find this procedure painful at all, but I suppose I should say something. If I had to say anything negative it would be the local anasetic in my eyebrow area was not pain, just a little uncomfortable for 2 little insertions of local anasetic then it was numb. I would go back again with no hesitation. credit where credit is due I say. I hope this has been helpful to you considering any hair transplant.
Thank you Doctor Marwan Saifi of poland

Dear Marwan,

I would just like to take the opportunity to thank yourself and your entire team for the excellent service I received during my recent hair transplant operation at your Wroclaw Poland clinic.

The whole process was extremely well orchestrated from beginning to end, including being picked up at the airport, superb hotel accommodation, travel both too and from the clinic and return to the airport.

The personal attention to detail including your fully comprehensive pre operation brief and explanation of the day’s procedural events was made very clear and concise and easily understood.

The hair transplant procedure its self was undertaken by a very professional and highly skilled team led by your good self, in achieving the day’s very successful and demanding schedule. At all times I was well look after, made comfortable and put at ease at each phase of the operation.

Finally I would like to say a big thank you to you and of course all the girls who contributed to my successful hair transplant operation.

12 days on I have had my stitches removed and the result at this early stage looks very good indeed. I will keep you updated on progress and send updated photos to substantiate the results of my hair transplant operation.

Please do keep in contact, should you require me to provide any future references for your clinic then please do not hesitate to ask. I will be more than willing to support the excellent work you do.

Thank you once again

Yours Sincerely,

Dean Paul Meadows

Reference: – Dean Meadows, Hair Transplant at AM-MED- Dr. Safi, Wroclaw 11th September 2014
First I would like to apollogies for not having posted more updates, (best laid plans… and all that) I returned to dr Saifi’s practice on the 6th of this month for another 2000 thousand grafts, and promise to post some recent pictures as soon as i get them through. I will also post some again at six months. In my previous post I said I would post pics every month, however, this proved to be pointless, as I now know from experience that the growth procedure is slow to detect until at least 5 months.
For anyone new to this and thinking of having a hair transplant I will describe my experience.
Both times I have used Dr Saifi’s services and have always been placed totally at by his relaxed friendly nature, during consultation he asked what my expectations were and we discussed waht was possible and what areas were a priority.
on the day of the surgery I was picked up by his taxi driver a friendly chap called chris who ran me everywhere. The surgery commenced at around 9:30am and as before Dr Saifi kept me constantly informed of how things were going and regularly asked if I required a break to stretch my legs.
his team were constantly busy dissecting the donor strip of scalp as in my previous operation he managed to get a 100 or so extra grafts. Apart from a short break for lunch of around 10mins the operation took about 8 hours.
after the procedure I returned to my hotel. with the meds for the next few days.
What to expect.
For the first few weeks your head will be sore, though thats obvious I suppose. after a few weeks the hair stubbles will and scabs will mostly fall out. At this point you may like me think ‘well that was a waste of time’ however, dont dispair the actual follicle is still there though probably i a state of shock. Over the next few months the new hair will come through.
Im sure most people on this site are already aware of all the above and most can desribe it better than me, but in short that is my experience. I can only add that I would return to Dr Saifi again for further treatment, the difference it has made to my apperance (at last I have a hairline!) and also to my self confidence, it has certainly given me a new lease of life.
Also, I would like to add that going abroard for surgery can be quiet enjoyable I only stayed two days this time, but last time (6 months ago) I stayed a week and turned it into a relaxing city break. I would recommend the Art Hotel for anyone going to Dr Saifi.
any questions please feel free to me.
John M
Hi Dr Saifi, Last Wednesday (16h of Dec 2009) you transplanted 2000 mirografts of hair in the frontal area of my head. This is a short email to say thank you for all your hard work especially on the operation’s day ensuring every stitch and every graft was meticulously placed in the right order. I have not forgotten your dedicated technicians that worked nonstop to make the operation possible. The pizza and drink breaks between the marathon sessions of non-stop hair transplant was totally appreciated. Although I have had few different cosmetic procedures in Uk and abroad. This was my first trip to Poland and to be honest what a pleasant surprise. My adventure started by flying from Bristol airport and being picked up 2 hours later from the Wroclaw airport like a celebrity, the hotel accommodation, procedure itself and also sampling the delights of Poland was one of the better experiences I have had. Today is Sunday 20th of Dec 2009 and is four days after my operation, I have been following my post op instructions and happy to say, there is no redness in the recipient area at all and the only visible change is new shoots of hair. Thanks again Reza.
Shane D
Hi Dr Saifi ,,
First let me wish u a delated happy xmas and a happy new year to come ,,
Just wanted to let you know ,,,that im incredibly happy with the results ,,im about 3 months in ,,so loads more to come ,,,but even now ,,its a great thing to be able to look in the mirror and like whats looking back at you !!!
I can send you some photos/clip if you like or i can wait til the six month mark ,,

I was just wondering if you would mind if i ” promoted “you on one of the “hair loss “websites ,,?
I think a lot of men are intimidated by the idea of the whole process and see it as a big scary thing and have little faith in the outcome as they are misinformed or dont know someone who has had it done ,,so the more information out there ,,,the better ,,

Anyways ,,u can let me know when you have time ,,,
Thanks again ,,,your doing a great thing ,,,its not just a job ,,really ,
Take care ,,
Shane D
Hey to all,

It’s been 10 months and i want to share with you all an experience i believe you will/should all be interested in.

After consultations all over the UK i signed on to this website and found overseas options were favoured among the senior members. So after doing research i found Dr. Saifi, sent him some pictures, we discussed grafts, price, results etc. and this made me feel confident – it was clear that Dr. Saifi was very passionate about getting fantastic results. Unlike the UK ones.

So after speaking to one of his previous clients and seeing the results i scheduled a procedure. the price vs quality results was amazing. as i’m sure some of you have had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Saifi.

Located in Poland, i was greeted at the airport by Krystoff – who was great. made me feel comfortable – telling me about Poland culture etc.

After dropping me off at the hotel he was always on call if i needed him. The hotel reccommended by Dr. Saifi was pure luxury. everything about it was friendly, understanding and very helpful.

The next day – Procedure day. Dr. Saifi was AMAZING, spoke with me about the whole process, made me feel relaxed and was genuinley passionate about getting excellent results. After seeing his previous clients photo’s – which gave me a huge boost of confidence… seeing is believing. I was introduced to his wonderfull and friendly staff who were also more than willing to go the extra mile. I was even treated to a polish dinner (yummy!)

I believe Dr. Saifi to be the most honest, passionate and capable hair restoration doctor i have ever come across. And urge you all to AT LEAST contact him and see for yourselves. or to speak directly to the great one himself his contact

As i said seeing is believing……so i shall leave you with my before and 10months after pics and urge you to contact Dr. Saifi.

they will be on my anewme account

please feel free to ask me or Dr. Saifi any questions

Ryland P
Hello dr. Marwan
A massive thanks again to you and your brilliant team. From the expertese and skills of you and your pretty assistants! to Chris the driver you all make the whole experience as reassuring and comfortable as possible. Have a brilliant Christmass all of you and speak to you in the new year.
From Mr. Ryland P.

I first began to consider having hair transplant surgery in March 2013, having seen the results in the newspapers of Wayne Rooney’s procedure. I had no preference as to which surgeon I wanted or which country I wanted the work to be done. I went into this with a completely open mind. I began to read widely around the subject on the internet, and started reading blogs and reviews of patients who had had similar procedures.

The first thing I noticed was that the best reviews were certainly NOT of British procedures… But some of the reviews of Polish procedures were excellent, and one surgeon in particular had countless impeccable reviews, far more than anyone else… This was Dr Marwan Saifi. I decided to email his surgery and find out roughly what the costs would be and what was involved. To my surprise, I had an email the following day from Dr Saifi himself, answering my questions in great detail. I felt most reassured and we continued to correspond for a few weeks as I asked more questions. I was most impressed by the personal service, the level of professionalism and the value for money… My mind was by now made up and I booked to come to Wroclaw on June 4th to have a hair transplant procedure performed. I was glad that there was not a huge wait to come because I am the type of person to worry!

Getting to Wroclaw was for me very easy and surprisingly economical, £80 return flight from Bristol airport with Ryan Air. It’s only a 2 hour flight from the UK so no jet-lag to worry about. On arriving in Wroclaw Airport, everything was taken care of by Dr Saifi, I was picked up by his taxi driver Chris, who speaks excellent English. I was then taken to the hotel that Dr Saifi uses for his patients, The ART Hotel, which is in central Wroclaw and is a beautiful, historic and peaceful hotel. I was struck by what a modern, cosmopolitan place Wroclaw is and I am surprised that it’s not a major tourist hot-spot. I allowed myself a day to see Wroclaw before the transplant which was a good idea.

When the morning of the surgery arrived, I woke refreshed after a good nights sleep in The Art Hotel. Again, a taxi was arranged by Dr Saifi to take me to his surgery, which is only a short drive away. I was immediately impressed with the cleanliness and immaculate status of his facilities. I knew I’d made the right decision to come here. His staff were all well presented and looked happy and confident in their work. I was taken to Dr Saifi’s office for a consultation and then given some aural medication, sedatives I think, before being taken in to the operating theatre.

Firstly, a small area of the back of my head was shaved, then I was given some heavy duty injections in the back of my head to numb any pain, and this was the only uncomfortable part of the whole procedure. Dr Saifi then removed a section of skin and hair from the back of my head and stitched up the area. This did not hurt anything like as much as I thought it would. I was fully conscious and knew exactly what was going on but didn’t feel any pain. I then had lunch, which was provided in a take away box by a local restaurant, and surprisingly I was hungry. I must say that it was delicious! Now it was back to the operating theatre. The section of skin and hair that was removed was now having every tiny hair follicle removed by Dr Saifi’s team, while Dr Saifi, cut hundreds of tiny slits into the front of my head, ready to receive the donor hair. This was done with a blade so sharp, it did not hurt one bit. I was still conscious and comfortable. Next the tiny hair follicles came in and these were duly implanted into the slits. Never was this rushed and I could appreciate the skill and patience used by the doctor and his team. There was only one procedure being done on that day and the doctor’s whole attention was on me. This is always the case with Dr Saifi.

When every hair was implanted (none are wasted!!), My taxi was called to take me back to the Art hotel. I was given all the relevant medication which was clearly labelled, and I was given a baseball hat to wear. I felt very tired by now as it had been a long day! Back at the hotel, I was worried how much pain I was going to be in but it was never too bad. Uncomfortable at it’s worst. Surprisingly to me, I was told to sleep on my back, so my scar area was on my pillow, yet it did not bleed, at all!! There was virtually no blood to be seen. I had a patchy nights sleep, as could be expected, and headed for the airport the following day with Chris the taxi driver, feeling quite well and perfectly capable of the journey home, wearing my baseball cap and a pair of dark glasses!

The journey home was event free and I got home feeling OK and very tired, and this time I had an excellent nights sleep. I would say that the next 3 days were a bit uncomfortable, but nothing like as bad as I thought they might be. After that, the pain was virtually gone. There were many people who did not know I’d had a transplant done and as I had long(ish) hair, to cover the work done, they did not guess either… Even my mum!

Any advice I needed, I had Dr Saifis mobile number and I had that advice straight away. Just as he said, the tiny implanted hairs fell out after about 10 days, and just as he said, after 12 weeks, they started coming through again. I had noticeable results within 4 months, really good results after 6 months, and after about 10 months I had the full effect, which was exactly as I had hoped and dreamed it would be.

All in all, this is something that went exactly to plan. The professionalism I encountered was second to none. Dr Saifi is gentleman and a thoroughly nice chap, and he goes the extra mile for his patients. This is something in my life that I’m proud I did. I still can’t believe I did it! The results are amazing, and I hold the whole experience in a fond part of my heart. I’m not good with pain and this procedure did not give me any cause for concern at any point. The way Dr Saifi organises it, it’s as easy as getting it done in London, probably easier and certainly cheaper. There are cheaper surgeons available but nothing like the quality of Dr Saifi. You would not find better and you do not need to look any further. I would be happy to speak to anyone regarding this and should you need to, Dr Saifi will pass on my details to you. My advice would be that if you want to have it done and you can afford to have it done then don’t waste time, do it! Like me, you’re very lucky, you’ve found the best man.

Ryland P.


Dear Doctor:)

After all, I wanted to message you and thank you for everything. You are an amazing man and a great doctor. I knew I will be in good hands when I saw you on the website. You rise a great deal of confidence from the first moment. Warmth is felt in your presence. I am certain that all patients have the same opinion. It is very rare to meet people like you, especially doctors.

The atmosphere at your office is a dream atmosphere where people forget about everything and feel free. It is also thanks to your assistants – great girls. I would like you to say ‘hallo’ and ‘thank you’ to them, too: to Mrs. Julita, Ewa (for nice and cheerful conversation), Kasia and Agnieszka – for everything :) You are a very cheerful man so it affects others :) Apart from that, professional care, gentleness and professionalism! I would definitely decide to have another graft at your clinic. I am very happy that I met such a lovely doctor, therefore I will recommend you with pleasure to others who struggle with this problem. Thanks to you I can make my dreams come true and fight complexes. I know I have to wait for effects, but I am already sure it is going to be good. Obviously I would like to thank you for dinner, as well. I was very surprised. 

I wish you and your team all the best and unforgettable moments with your daughter :)

Thank you very much.



Dear Doctor,
I would like to thank you again for the procedure and the way you treated me. 

First of all, for treating me the way you did concerning costs. Gentlemen do not talk about money, but I know you understand me perfectly, that sometimes for a patient it is a choice between his own selfishness and e.g. his family. I was not stressed about the success of the procedure, as I knew it would be successful. I was stressed that my wife was unemployed for two years and I have to provide for her and my daughter and that such a procedure is too selfish. Today I know, I did the right thing. Complexes must be fought if possible. My self-esteem will serve my family. Secondly, I am impressed by the procedure and your professionalism. I can compare it to the other surgery and I agree with your words that it was a factory. The procedure at your clinic was pure pleasure, full comfort and trust concerning what you do. I am being very honest. I do not express such opinions easily, but in this case I wish to be in harmony with my conscience and I want to express my enthusiastic opinion about the procedure at your clinic. 

Not to mention the post-surgical condition: no pain, no swelling, even at home no one noticed anything. After the other procedure, after two days my face was swollen and the wound on the back was very painful; it was bleeding. Now everything is healing well. Please say thank you to your personnel on my behalf, especially the blond lady who worked hard with you to transplant the microscopic fragments one after another. It was a very intricate and laborious work. I appreciate it. 



Yours faithfully, K.N